Medical Science Manuscripts Proofreading & Editing

The use of good, readable English language in the preparation of a scientific manuscript enhances its overall quality and generally facilitates understanding of what was done, the methodologies employed to arrive at the data presented as well as the understanding of data interpretation. Since the aim of scientific publication is to communicate research findings to peers and the reading public, it is essential that the language used is free from ambiguities and grammatical infelicities.

Experience from reviewing scientific manuscripts over the years has shown that many manuscripts of sound technical quality and impeccable experimental design often suffer rejection on account of poor quality English. This is especially true for most manuscripts authored by scientists who are not native speakers of the language. For such authors, much valuable time and resources are wasted in revising the same manuscripts over and over again. In many instances, the same errors pointed out are repeated or even worsened in the revised editions, leading ultimately to outright rejection of the manuscripts.
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The use of good quality English in preparing scientific manuscripts has the advantage of allowing the reviewers to focus on the technical and scientific merits of the presentations, without the annoying distractions posed by grammatical blunders. In addition, more often than not, manuscripts written in flawless English easily get accepted for publication.

MedSciEdit® offers professional assistance to researchers in the medical science – based disciplines who want to publish in English language journals but are handicapped by lack of requisite proficiency in the language. The services offered by MedSciEdit® concern manuscript proofreading and editing.

MedSciEdit® assists authors to improve acceptability of their manuscripts prior to their submission to the journal of interest by ensuring that the standard of English used is up to par.

Specifically, we undertake:

  • Editing of poorly-written scientific manuscripts with a view to producing much better and more acceptable versions through painstaking elimination of sundry grammatical and typographical solecisms. Common and irritating errors which often mar otherwise good manuscripts include noun-verb disharmony, mixing up of tenses, poor spellings, tautology, poor punctuation, meaningless sentences, strange use of plurals, and the use of phrases in place of complete sentences. There is also the issue of non-adherence to the use of reported speech format.
  • Technical advice / suggestions where necessary on better and more appropriate ways for data presentation.
  • Guidance to authors in effecting corrections where their manuscripts deviate from journal formats.

The MedSciEdit® Team

MedSciEdit® comprises a team of seasoned researchers with Medical Science background who have published extensively in their fields, hold PhDs and have considerable cognate experience as manuscript reviewers for several reputable national and international journals.

Scope of Services Offered / Type of Manuscripts Handled

MedSciEdit® undertakes proofreading and editing of manuscripts in the following areas:
All aspects of medicine        Dentistry
Dental sciencesBasic Medical Sciences
Pharmaceutical SciencesPharmacy Practice
NursingMedical Laboratory Science
Molecular BiologyGenomics
ProteomicsCell biology
Molecular Cancer GeneticsBiophysics
Biomedical EngineeringImmunology, etc.

The manuscripts may be in any of the following formats:
Intended journal publications        Books
Theses e.g. BSc, MSc and PhDProject reports
Term papersScience magazines

Manuscript Handling Charges

MedSciEdit®editorial and proofreading services attract very modest, author-friendly and transparently-determined handling charges. These charges which are payable in USD ($), depend on file size, number of words and the extent of work to be done. In general, very poorly-written manuscripts attract higher editorial charges because they require not just language and technical proofreading, but re-writing.

Manuscripts are first assessed to ensure they fall within the medical science disciplines. Thereafter they are categorized according to the type of editorial service that would best enhance the acceptability of the end-result. The editing fee depends on the category of service involved, which may be language and technical editing/proofreading, partial re-writing or complete re-writing. Once a manuscript is accepted for editing, a payment advice conveying the appropriate fee is sent online to the authors.


MedSciEdit® charges very low, author-friendly and transparently computed editing fees.

1. Normal manuscripts without similarity contents

Word count per manuscript    Price ($) per manuscript
Up to 600110
Up to 601 - 1,600190
Up to 1,601 - 6,500220
Up to 6,501 - 12,000390
Above 12,000480

The actual fee for each range of word counts is determined by the nature and extent of work to be done.

2. Manuscripts with more than 15% similarity contents

Manuscripts with similarity contents higher than 15% require both re-writing and language editing. The fee for editing such a manuscript is a function of the degree of similarity, and is calculated as indicated hereunder:

Editing fee = Normal fee (based on word count) + {(normal fee) x (similarity fraction)}

For example, if a 2,000-word manuscript has 52% similarity,
the re-writing fee is: 220 + {220 x 0.52} = $334.4.

Please note:

For manuscripts requiring plagiarism reduction, it is mandatory that authors submit the relevant numbered similarity reports preferably generated using the iThenticate plagiarism checking software.

Special offers are provided at certain times of the year.

Modes of Payment

Authors can make payments online through 2Checkout.
It is simple. Once you have created your user account, login and upload your manuscript. The manuscript will be assessed and the fee to be paid will reflect in "Payments" section of your user account. Then, follow the link in front of the manuscript you want to make payment for and you will be redirected to the secure payment site of 2Checkoout where you can pay with your PayPal account or Credit/Debit card.

Payments can also be made through Direct Bank Transfer using bank details that will be sent via email once the manuscript is accepted for editing.

Authors who choose to pay through Direct Bank transfer are required to send swift copies of their payment as evidence.

Please note that editing fee excludes ALL bank charges.

Click here to go to our Manuscript Submission Guide.

Manuscript Format

Manuscripts for MedSciEdit® should be prepared as single-column, double spaced MS-word format, in 12-point font on one side of A4 paper.

Important note: Please ensure you have a recent version of Microsoft Office Word application installed on the device you will use to access your edited manuscript. This is to avoid compatibility issues such as jamming together of words and tables not displaying properly. The recommended version is Microsoft Office Word 2016 or a newer version.

Manuscript Submission

Authors should register and follow the link for manuscript submission. Once the manuscript is successfully submitted, an acknowledgement is automatically generated and sent to the corresponding author.